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Sometimes you get stuck on multiple scrums, back-to-back. Separate projects, but the same plans and activities each.

Then that's not agile.

Agile means small teams focused on one project communicating constantly with the client in a feedback loop.

If any of these elements is missing, you are not doing agile, you are doing the same thing most companies do, but with some agile pieces and labels attached to it.

It's like saying you are on a keto diet, but you eat ice cream, or that you are for democracy as long as the press is controlled by the state.

> Then that's not agile.

It's kinda saddening that from everything OP said, the only take you got from the message is whether a soul-crushing mouse-wheel is buzz-word compliant in your opinion.

I actually meant the opposite : most companies do terribly, and then smash some buzz word lipstick on that pig.

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