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Willing (YC S15) Is Hiring an Engineering Manager
7 months ago | hide
Willing is the first company making it possible for millions of people to create legal wills entirely online.

We've radically changed how wills work, partnered with the leading legal minds at Harvard Law School, and built an initial product that’s been used by almost 500,000 people. We are a Series A stage company backed by Y Combinator, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Accomplice, and Ashton Kutcher.

Our team is an eclectic mix of engineers, attorneys and designers who care deeply about making the world better. We are ambitious, hard working and resourceful. We take pride in our work and in our colleagues. We challenge each other to be our very best. We get things done.

As our Engineering Manager, you will be the technical lead on a cross-functional team working alongside other engineers, as well as our lawyers, product managers, and designers. You will be a player coach, spending 50% of your time coding and the remaining 50% on leadership responsibilities, including developing the team, designing the technical architecture and providing input on our overall strategy.

Our stack is AWS/Postgres/Python/DJANGO/React/ES6. We are based in Miami, FL and will sponsor your relocation.

Click here to apply: https://goo.gl/forms/5lQGiz8oEkWeKPLH2

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