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I'm using KeepassXC on desktop, Keepass2Android on mobile and Dropbox for syncing the database and I'm quite happy with it. Bitwarden looks a bit more polished, but are there any other advantages over Keepass?

Check also KeePass Dx for Android, it has some nice features like Fingerprint for fast unlocking, AutoFill and a nicer Material Theme.

KeePass DX doesn't support syncing the database natively. With Keepass2Android, you don't need to install the Dropbox client to save the database to cloud providers.

Other then the design being a tiny bit different I can't see what KeePass Dx offers that differentiates itself from Keepass2Android?

Same, and for accessing it over the web (for when I'm not on my own machine) I use keeweb (https://keeweb.info/)

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