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I've been a 1Password user for about 10 years, but I never moved to 1Password 6, as I didn't want to sync my vault to their servers (even if it's E2E encrypted). I've moved from being primarily an OSX user to Linux, and as a result, my experience has progressively gotten worse enough on 1PW (broken FF extension, general jankiness running on Wine) that I'm finally looking switch off, either to KeePassXC or to Bitwarden.

As far as a desktop app, it's electron-based, but there is a cross-platform Bitwarden app that seems to work well enough (responsive, minimizes to tray, etc).

I've yet to import all my passwords into Bitwarden (still comparing the Ruby, Go, and Rust standalone server implementations), so I guess we'll see where the experience is after I fully switch.

Regarding 2FA, while it doesn't totally expose you, if you put your token in your PW manager, you've definitely significantly weakened your security.

If you want to use 1Password on Linux, the experience is alright nowadays. I've been using this:


..and it works great. Same as 1Password X for Chrome, it does not require a desktop app, and handles certain things like TOTP a bit more seamlessly.

You don't have to sync your vault in 1Password 6.

Nor in 1Password 7 (the latest version). They do push it pretty hard, and given their evasiveness/dishonesty about the business implications of subscriptions and the push I wouldn't blame anyone for being concerned that stand alone license+vault support might be removed in a future version (they have said there will be no more free version updates IIRC though). However, for the time being subscriptions and 1P's cloud service remain optional and possibly disappointing only in terms of eliminating what might have been, not anything that already existed.

share your sorrows regarding broken FF extension, most notably FT Deepdark. I haven't upgraded beyond FF 56 for same reason. (Sorry for deviating from main topic here)

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