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Thanks for letting me know! Somehow, it wasn't very obvious to me on both desktop app and OTP feature.

I still felt its sluggish performance on launch/search/sync was slowing me down a lot throughout the day.

> I still felt its sluggish performance on launch/search/sync was slowing me down a lot throughout the day.

I recently switched (maybe 5 weeks or so, ago, from 1Password to Bitwarden, after finding out about it on HN) I imported ~400 odd logins from 1Password, I honestly don't find it any slower than 1 Password.

I did notice that with Discord, both 1Password and Bitwarden now integrate with the new iOS password apis.

Maybe it's just my phone (6) but you may find that once you get 1000+ logins, Bitwarden falls apart pretty quickly. I've heard the same from people with 800+ logins. I remember it used to be very quick when I initially used it with a few plugins.

IIRC from their Github issue threads, Bitwarden is using Xamarin, and performant UI has been a consistent struggle with many login entries.

Bitwarden has had some performance issues in the past with managing larger (>~250) logins, but they've been greatly improved in the last few months and I no longer have an issue. My password database currently contains 870 logins.

Bitwarden's support via IRC/gitter was exceptional when I was experiencing issues with it. Not only did they fix the problem, but they provided a custom build for me with more verbose logging enabled and worked with me directly to figure out what the issue was. It was fixed in a couple of hours and I was able to run the patched build without issue until the fix had been merged and released.

Not Xamarin but Xamarin.Forms, basic Xamarin doesn't have issues with UI performance.

how in God's name do you end up with _thousands_ of logins, or even 800? I work in a pretty large MSP in IT with tons of different programs, websites, and clients. Even if I added every single password (which I most surely would not do), I can't imagine there being more than two or three hundred. Conservatively, if every of two hundred clients has thirty passwords, that's still only 600.

Two hundred times thirty is 6000

...well this is awkward.

Lol :)

Well, I don’t have 1000+ logins. Especially not among those I use frequently. However, I use password manager for far more than just logins.

Also, having combed through my entire catalog by having to manually import Bitwarden to 1Password, I’ve realized all those random startups I’ve made a login for or various sites for applications (job/school/etc) really add up quickly!

640kb ought to be enough for everyone, right? Because it's not your use case doesn't mean that it's the same for everyone.

I have over 1500 entries in my password manager. That's the result of using it for years and having every single account I signed up for registered in it. Including random forums I only ever posted once for support. So yes, people can have more than 100 entries in their password manager.

I switch from LP to bitwarden because I didn't trust LP anymore. It's fine but I find the autofill very dumb (will usually overwrote your password or random fields in various forms), and doesn't do subdomain matching well. Search or just opening the extension (on Firefox) is sluggish, and the android app is very slow (open and search). Automatically putting the 2FA in the clipboard has never worked for me either (Firefox on Linux). But I'll keep using it anyway because it's FOSS and not LP. You can even self host your instance if you like.

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