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How does it compare to KeePassXC and 1Password?

I found KeePassXC to be fairly clunky and didn't work well on Android with regards to autofilling forms, but that was a while back and it may have improved since then. Also with Bitwarden I've elected to have them host my encrypted passwords so I don't need to worry about setting up my own sync provider. I don't know much about 1Password but I didn't trust them to put too much effort into their Android app since they were predominantly an Apple shop.

> didn't work well on Android with regards to autofilling forms

Works pretty well, I use "Keepass2Android Password Safe" and it supports the newest APIs to enable fully automatic filling once you tell it which app belongs to which account. For syncing I use my own nextcloud server.

Their (1Password) Android app is great. As you pointed out though, iOS always gets the UI\UX benefits first because they're focused predominately on the Apple eco.

Thank you!

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