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There’s also https://github.com/gopasspw/gopass with some more features for teams while being compatible with pass.

Great tool. I use it together with keybase.

How are you using it with Keybase.io?

You can use keybase git as the backing storage for pass: https://keybase.io/blog/encrypted-git-for-everyone

Can I take advantage of this on my mobile device or browser? Can I share with my team? It's not really apples to apples.

> Can I take advantage of this on my mobile device

Yes. See the list of compatible clients on the page: https://www.passwordstore.org/#other

I personally use it on android happily.

> Can I share with my team?

Yes. Just encrypt to multiple gpg ids, which can be customized per folder as well with a simple list in the ".gpg-id" file.

I admit that you can only use it as such with tech-savvy team members. If you want usability such that non-technical people can work with it, you'll likely want something else, like 1password.

Yes. You can. [0]

I run passff [1], to get Firefox to use it, and Android-Password-Store [2] on my phone.

[0] https://www.passwordstore.org/#extensions

[1] https://github.com/jvenant/passff#readme

[2] https://github.com/zeapo/Android-Password-Store#readme

Theres also browserpass [0], it works great in firefox and chrome as well.

A great great plugin is pass-otp [1], using this I have migrated the storage of all OTP secrets from my phone to pass. And then I export it from pass to my phone. That way I still have my OTP secrets if I loose my phone and don't have to hassle with recovery of accounts just because of loosing the phone. For sure the OTP needs to be changed at that point but still worth it.

It's also worth to mention that browserpass [0] integrates pass-otp [1] so whenever I log in to a page (that has an OTP secret) using browserpass it shows a litle box in the top right corner with the current OTP code that I can copy-paste to the site.

[0]: https://github.com/browserpass/browserpass

[1]: https://github.com/tadfisher/pass-otp

Dropbox. It's just files. Or make a company/webservice around it if that's too complicated.

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