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Designing a Quantum Computing Board Game (medium.com)
67 points by faramarz 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Now this is the way to make an educational board game: Equal emphasis on getting both the principles and the gameplay right. Enjoyable as learning may be on its own, an unbalanced or un-engaging game can take the fun out of what it's intended to help with.

I'm also impressed with the visual and typographic design of Entanglion's game components. I was surprised not to see a Kickstarter for a professionally-manufactured box set.

Wouldn't a professionally manufactured set infringe the license terms? From what I can see, the game and it's assets are released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

I signed up for Entaglion while attending IBM Q conference last year (they were sending out the game to interested participants), and I must say it's awesome. Thanks a bunch for creating it, ever since it arrived I had loads of fun! It's proven itself useful especially in making my friends more familiar with the world of quantum computing :)

In a related vein, now that there's qbits to play with on the cloud, there also rudimentary games available that use actual quantum computing! https://medium.com/@decodoku/introducing-the-worlds-first-ga...

It's purely a novelty, of course. But a cool one.

Great to see more stuff like this! I really believe in games for quantum pedagogy. See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_tic-tac-toe

and some computer games http://quantumgame.io/


(full disclosure, last one is mine)

> we actually implemented a simulator for the game and AI players who could play it together.

Wow. If they got tired of quantum they could go into AI. AI good enough to simulate how hard a game is, is impressive.

I think the game creators are actually HCI+AI research scientists at IBM Research.

I wish I could just buy this. I'm not motivated enough to make it and I'd be disappointed with the quality of a home made version.

Take the files to office max and print on heavy cardstock. It makes very reasonable quality games. I design board games as a hobby and this is what I do. 100s of games played and good enough quality to pitch to publishers.

I don't think you can buy it. The license is non-commercial.

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