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Show HN: Colivingly, a coliving community for makers (coliving.ly)
11 points by graylien 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Hi everyone, thanks for checking this out. I've been working remotely for a while, and am now trying coliving out.

I had this idea knocking about for a while to book appartments with other makers, developers etc. One of the most important parts I wanted to solve with this is to create safe community where we can meet people to colive with that are more trustworthy. Let me know if you have any thoughts about the concept, thanks!

Nice home page :)

Whats the difference between "co-living" vs "roommates"? Not trying to be snarky, I got this feedback when I had the page open.

If its for makers, are things like tool shops important to highlight? Or are digital makers included?

I would have liked to browse the co-living profiles, just to see where you have options. All of the calls-to-action involve applying of giving up some info.

Hey that's a great thought 'co-living' vs 'roommates', reminds me of this: https://twitter.com/sugarsh0t/status/929976876474417153

Maybe it's the same thing. Although, the amount of 'co-living' initiatives popping up all have similar values to promote a the sense of community and support in addition to just living together.

So I think the word co-living differentiates from roommates because of the type of initiative it's used for. I could add a page to explain more.

>If its for makers, are things like tool shops important to highlight?

I only actually thought of digital makers. In the application, I ask for profession and interests, so if I see more physical makers, I can add some more relevant questions for that.

Either way, I'll look to clarify this.

>I would have liked to browse the co-living profiles. All of the calls-to-action involve applying of giving up some info.

I agree, it would be great to see some profiles before giving away any information. This will come next as more people join though. The main purpose now was to validate the idea before building the profile sections.

Thanks again for your feedback, all your queries are on my todo list for the site!


Love the idea! I've also tried for the first time escaping European winter and working remotely from Thailand. Now I've actually quit my job and as a maker (carpentry, electronics) I'm fascinated by the communities that are formed on platforms like this and workaway.

I'm definitely going to try this out.

One question that pops up, is this for temporary periods, i.e. a couple of months?

Awesome, thanks for checking it out. The timing depends on each person. I think I'm missing that question from the application actually - thanks for pointing it out!

The idea is to match people with others who answer along the same lines, so you should be able to stay for a temporary periods, or long term.

Cool to see that your in carpentry and electronics too, do you think you'd have any extra requirements than a digital maker?

Sure. This is all in addition to being a software developer. So the whole indie hacker thing is up my allee in addition to carpentry and electronics which is also what I'd like to combine into a co-living experience

sounds like thinking about this angle can also make it more inclusive! Also, I already added a question about length of stay, so thanks for that

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