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How to Monetize a Blog: Advice from a Blog That Makes Money (codeinwp.com)
33 points by maldinii 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Way back in the pre-Internet days, magazines often had little classified ads sections in the back. There was nearly always a couple of businesses that almost said they would send you pornography, usually for scientific and educational purposes; an offer to sell you a weather balloon or information on ham radio clubs or telescope kits; and at least one ad like this:

Make money at home stuffing envelopes! Send SASE and enclose $2.50 for our guide on how you can make money in your spare time!

And if you were foolish enough to send them the money and a SASE -- a self-addressed stamped envelope, the equivalent of an HTTP GET -- you would get a sheet of instructions, which began: "Take out an ad in a magazine telling people to send you a SASE and money. Make copies of this sheet and stuff them in the SASEs..."

You might see these around town as well, usually written on cardboard signs with a black marker, soliciting "trainees needed for real estate investor" or some variant of the make-money-from-home-and-get-rich scheme.

Step 1 is always the same-- pay me $1K for a "startup kit," then find two other suckers and get them to pay you $1K for their own.

Just the same, you can't read a travel blog without finding ads for TravelBlogSuccess on it. "Travel the world, write about it and get paid! Get super secret access to our exclusive message board! Just pay us $400, then we'll give you a small cut for any additional suckers you recruit."

There are no end of rubes desperate enough to leave their office job to join a pyramid scheme I suppose.

This is what I see the most of online with regards to blogs making money as well. Blogs about how to make money on blogs. No actual content anymore. It's a bit sad, that the internet has only gone as far as classified at the back of magazines.

good resource, thanks!

In section 4 (Creating an Online Course), the author links to her other article[1] about creating a WordPress membership site using plugins but specifically states these are free registrations that do not handle payments. I wish the author did explore payments more because there are WordPress plugins[2] that do provide subscription payment and reoccurring billing services integrated with payment gateways that truly allow a CMS to be monetized. The issue I see is that WordPress is the only CMS platform that offers such easy membership, payment and content restriction integrations. Have others seen this kind of functionality in other CMS platforms?

[1] https://www.codeinwp.com/blog/build-a-membership-site-on-wor...

[2] https://www.paidmembershipspro.com, https://docs.restrictcontentpro.com/article/1593-restricting...

thanks for pointing out.

Yeey another blogspam

I'm sure the blog currently being down wasn't a part of the monetization strategy.

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