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I think development is one of the coolest jobs out there. With dev skills, you can do everything from building websites to physics models to game development to data science... I'm not saying all you need is coding, but you can't do most of these things without code!

I'm not 100% sure I would be a software engineer, but I can't imagine myself on a career path that didn't involve writing tons of code.

I personally support your point 100%.

If you asked my wife she would reply: “Meh, in the end you are sitting in front of a screen all day and just typing on your keyboard for 40 years“

Perspectives... :)

Interesting perspective. I don't see much difference between building websites, physics models, game dev, and data science.

Computers certainly have wide ranging applications but at the end of the day, programming all of those tasks is pretty similar.

I have a similar but different viewpoint. Software products can be distributed to a old rural minority in africa and to a rich man in the heart of a city atthe same time. For many applications they can be catered as well, mobile/desktop, zoom in for bad eyesight, etc. You just can't do that with, AFAIK, anything else.

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