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A lot of people are doing these things already!

The Forestry.io blog has a number of articles covering some of these topics:

* eCommerce – https://forestry.io/blog/snipcart-brings-ecommerce-static-si...

* Search – https://forestry.io/blog/search-with-algolia-in-hugo/

* Forms – https://forestry.io/blog/5-ways-to-handle-forms-on-your-stat...

* Advanced Image Handling: https://forestry.io/blog/master-image-delivery-with-cloudina...

* Building APIs – https://forestry.io/blog/build-a-json-api-with-hugo/

Regarding user profiles, the Forestry website itself is built with Hugo and has a Rails app to handle profiles.


I know you don't want to rely on third party services, but if it's possible to handle this with third party services then surely open source alternatives could be built.

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