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Twitter Data Science Interview Questions – Acing the AI Interview (medium.com)
29 points by vimarshk 5 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

These aren't AI questions, and I'd argue that many of them aren't even Data Science questions and more Data Engineering instead.

The large number of posts you've been making that repost content from Glassdoor (against their ToS) aren't helpful unless you offer a strong value-add (e.g. answers to these questions).

I agree, the only question that seems possibly AI-related is the recommendation algorithm question. The rest are just like, do you know how to deal with a stream of numbers and maybe implement an algorithm or two.

Most of these seem more like data engineering questions... while it's useful for a data scientist to be able to munge data, I'd hope that Twitter has dedicated teams to do these kinds of tasks for them, and that their interview for data scientists is a bit more focused on the modeling side.

Doesn't this defeat the whole point of an interview, to find out what the person knows/can do/can understand instead of reading some website that tells them what to say?

I've never been interviewed with the questions presented on Glassdoor.

While not glassdoor in particular, I have been given interview Qs that I've seen on Interview Q sites before.

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