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> My guess is that Thailand wanted to be on the spotlight.

I need to coin a term for this concept, I see it on every Hacker News thread once it reaches a certain size. It is the attribution of the topic to some nefarious intention of a dude in marketing. Once you start noticing it you can't unsee.

Intel fires their CEO? It's a PR stunt.

Startup abandons Europe due to GDPR? PR STUNT!

AlphaZero beats professionals at Dota 2? You guessed it, it's just PR for oligarchy parent Alphabet.

I see this so often now it's becoming humorous. As if some how this being all about PR explains everything. It doesn't explain anything! Although I'm sure Bill over in marketing loves that he has subsumed the historical role of deity in explaining the unknown.

This is a corollary to the /r/HailCorporate mentality, where every discussion about/mention of a brand is astroturfing. Healthy skepticism is encouraged, but there's a point where it becomes FUD, and perhaps in some cases as destructive as any surreptitious marketing.

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