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I think that "bad technology" can kill a startup, but slightly different variations of good technology don't have much effect. Choose what you know/like best. And Ruby and Python are both in this latter category.

I think it's just that Ruby enjoyed a brief surge of hype which pushed it to the forefront of the startup founders' mind; this has now ebbed a bit and Python use rises up to its natural level.

I wonder if Ruby will come back a bit, though. There hasn't been much hype, but in the last few months the Ruby community has really gone for broke, with rails 3, ruby 1.9.2, rvm reaching maturity and bundler to handle dependencies. Things are changing so fast I think the magnitude of the changes haven't sunk in for most people but it's a whole new environment and really impressive IMO.

As a person who uses Ruby as their primary language, I regularly take a look at Python, hoping that something really draws me in - but nothing ever does. Not because I have an issue with Python, but rather because it's just too similar to Ruby (or Ruby too similar to Python, take your pick). I feel that my time would be better spent learning a language that will expand my mind more.

I used Ruby and switched to Python. Most of the answers to my questions got answered with links to Python solutions and code.

At some time I decided to give it a try and wasn't disappointed.

Any comments on the experience? Anything you like more/less in Python/Ruby?

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