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Ask HN: What is your rate?
10 points by syntaxgoonoo 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments
When working freelance, what should you say when a recruiter/manager casually asks you what your rate is?

Give them the high range rate in your country. After you can make them a price (the price always goes down, never up). People who put the price as the most important parameter are bad customers. Better avoid them.

The way you answer it depends on the client.

One good answer is that it depends on the job requirements. For a stressful gig where you are the sole developer with huge responsibility and tight deadline, it would be worth more than, say, a more straightforward role where you are a cog in the machine.

Another approach is to them them you are flexible and would like to learn more about the position first. It's not wrong for both parties to know a ballpark to avoid wasting time so you could give a wide range of 25%, but it's nice to not say a number because you kind of want to avoid making yourself a number and would be better getting to know each other so they are more in the mindset of wanting you, which makes you worth more.

Since nooone else mentioned hard numbers, I will. I would say an average range for a good-great consultant is 200-300/hr, but the term is rarely more than 3 months with a client, and sometimes as small as 1 month. Positions through contracting companies where they have less responsibility, on-boarding is easier, and the term is closer to 6 mo - 1yr, the rate is more like 100-150, though.

What's your budget?

This is the correct answer.

I always answer above what my rate really is, so if they try and negotiate it down I’m not left out of pocket because they’d just bring it down to the rate I’m actually on. If I offered my actual rate right away they’d try to negotiate that down and I would be out of pocket and my cat will starve.

I would consult glassdoor, payscale or similar websites to find out the wages offered to full-time employees. Then, depending on the status quo (my experience, project fit etc), will quote a similar amount.

I would also add benefits on top of the salary

15% more than what I'm making now.

$12,000/week, minimum one week per engagement, no half weeks.

What do you do?

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