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Show HN: After Dark – A retro dark theme for Hugo (gohugo.io)
29 points by jhabdas 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Are there plans to add flying toasters to this theme?

Does Hugo not have a built in theme/plugin system? How come the installation involves running a custom bash script?

It does not, or atleast it does not need to. Hugo have a fine theme system, installing a theme is this:

cd themes

git clone ....

and then change active theme in the config file.

I actually tested the linked theme out on my blog and did as above.

Yep, just as msh suggests. I created the bash one-liner to show users After Dark working in elinks and to get the steps out of the readme.

There isn't a plug-in system yet but there are several ways to reuse code, provide add-ons and compose templates. Note Hugo is still in active development.

Personally I think that Hugo's templating is difficult as compared to say jinja

Nice theme.

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