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Perhaps this is separate, but Azure has a bit of a latency problem on their App Service Plans and the storage. I know that it has something to do with how they are able to offer instant scaling up, down and out. And the ability to move an app slot to another service plan instantly. However it does have some major performance issues, it's also very slow to unzip items. Unzipping from the terminal will end up just timing out (though the process will complete, eventually.) This causes auto-update failures way too often. Wordpress, Magento, etc objects load really slow for example. I hope someone at Microsoft reads this and figures out a way to bring this latency down. It's a really great service otherwise, in that you don't have to worry about patching your server.

I've never had an issue with their blobs or CDN speeds, but the app service disk latency is an issue. Specifically, in my case, with PHP apps.

We’ve had similar issues and timeouts in Node and PHP apps.

There is a cache setting you can put in your slot that will fix it, but the app has to be restarted to clear the cache. It's not selective on what gets cached...and it doesn't work well with most apps. If you could selectively add directories that cache it would work so much better, or if it worked in some asynchronous way if a file changed in the cache (for apps that auto-update.) I don't know the solution, but it's an annoying problem.

If you Google/Bing for "Azure Website slow" this issue is the cause is 99% of all the complaints. The current solution "Local Cache" is lacking. It does work, but not in my use cases.


If something works poorly without manually applying cache, it reminds me of WordPress. It seems it's nearly impossible to get Azure on par with the rest in terms of performance.

Is there any good reason to use Azure for those kind of apps when you have plenty of competitors with much better performance?

Such as?

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