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Show HN: Terminal based Git interactive rebase editor written in Rust (github.com)
17 points by mitmaro 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Author here, I started this project over two years ago when one of my friends challenged me to write it. It was based on https://github.com/sjurba/rebase-editor , but does not require NodeJS/JavaScript. I and several others have been using it almost daily for over a year, so it is ready for general use.

It's written in Rust, but as I only occasionally get a chance to work in the language, development has been slow. I would very much welcome PRs to make improvements and add functionality.

This is the kind of tool I've always needed without realizing it. I didn't even know git could use specific editors for rebasing.

I rebase every day and although I enjoy practicing my vim strokes, the rebase editor is the last place I want to make a mistake. So this looks really useful. I'm going to install it. Thanks!

No problem!

Git does a fair bit as files under the covers, so it makes tools such as this very possible.

Yeah, I've always known you can use a custom editor for commits etc, but didn't know git config had enough granularity to use a custom tool for rebasing. Very cool!

Btw, requests:

- Please publish a homebrew package

- Mention any git version requirements in the README (or if this will work with nearly any version of git?)

I am not a Mac user anymore, but when I was I used Homebrew a fair bit. A Homebrew package would be great and there has been an issue [1] for it for a little while.

Adding the Git version to README is a great idea. I will have to do some research on when the `sequence.editor` option was added. An initial check [2] makes me believe it will work with Git > 1.7.8, which was over 7 years ago.

1: https://github.com/MitMaro/git-interactive-rebase-tool/issue...

2: https://github.com/git/git/commit/821881d88d3012a64a52ece9a8...

I've used this occasionally and I am a fan! Very intuitive.

I've been using this daily for a while now, super useful!

Thanks! Great to hear you find it useful!

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