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One day, you come back to your apartment. It's locked, and won't accept your AUTHENTICATION_METHOD. (Your technocrat landlords despise plain old metal keys to open doors. What are you, a peasant?) There's a note on the door saying that you've violated the terms of service and that your account has been terminated. You're locked away from all your stuff! You try to get some answers from the robot downstairs, but it's unsympathetic to your situation, and it won't listen to an unperson.

> You're locked away from all your stuff!

No, that's not how it will go.

It will go like this: one day you come home to your apartment, it's locked and won't accept your AUTHENTICATION_METHOD.

The noise causes the door to be opened and the new tenant asks you to be quiet in the hallway. Your stuff was moved out and disposed off, after your digital media were scanned for patentable ideas (you really should have read the fine print).

Your cat has been uploaded and is fortunately still available as a construct so you really have nothing to complain about (that was a courtesy).

I can't figure out if the cat thing is a Douglas Adams thing or a Kurt Vonnegut thing.

More of a Charles Strauss thing maybe?

At least get the man's name right, he's a member here.


You decide to escape to a deserted island to live away from the oppressive regime of the technocrats. A few months later you land on your own island. It's not really yours, but nobody has installed cameras yet. You begin your new life and find happiness.

One day a bottle washes up on shore. You open it to find a message!

"We've updated our privacy policy..."

"... in accordance with the new EU policy directive."

That's a subplot of Philip K. Dick's novel Ubik. The protagonist is locked out of his apartment and his household appliances until he feeds coins into the meter.

And a few scenes in The Cat Who Walks Through Walls by Robert Heinlein.

In that case foot meets door pretty quickly.

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