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Xmonad, one of the best tiling window managers out there. It is very easy to grasp for beginners[1], has a comprehensive documentation and is extremely powerful under the hood. The configuration is in Haskell, which makes it Turing-complete, but you can customize Xmonad even if you are not familiar with the language.

[1] http://xmonad.org/tour.html

Xmonad is what finally made me decide to switch to Linux from OS X. I'd tried other window managers but none of them acted quite how I wanted them to. Xmonad with Xmobar and dmenu is an amazing combination.

Another vote for xmonad. I have been using xmonad on my desktop for most of this year, and it has worked amazingly well, and definitely has one of the best multi-monitor setups I've ever used.

One of the most impressive things is how well it has worked out of the box, so well that I basically forgot to come back and customize, its just been working for quite a while now.

Xmonad works so well that I even rejected to work with a second monitor. At least for me its currently faster switching to another desktop using capslock-<0-9> than physically adjusting my eyes to another display.

I'll third a vote for Xmonad. To be honest though, I consider it a failure if I find myself interacting with X Windows at all.

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