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Performance wise it's not slower than languages like Python. For some people (not me) macros simplify their development by a lot. The learning curve is honestly pretty shallow; in my experience Lisp is hard for people who haven't really nailed down recursions, and in this respect it's also a great learning tool. Being simple to implement is a big plus as it allows you to focus on the crucial parts -- IMO people learn better when they get to learn one thing at a time and having a small core to your language is important.

> Performance wise it's not slower than languages like Python.

That's a low bar. Performance wise, most languages are faster than Python.

However, CL and Scheme both blitz Python when it comes to performance.

Are there any CL implementations that are as slow as python?

The slowest common lisp I'm aware of is CLISP (used in the Land of Lisp book). I don't even think it is nearly as slow as Python. In fact, even Picolisp (weird, but cool interpreted Lisp outside the Common Lisp and Scheme families) is probably faster than Python, but I've never checked.

I am just providing a lower-bound to its performance.

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