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I have a parrot that learned to call the dog over to the cage, throw food at him and then would laugh. Sometimes in a British accent, I am not sure where that came from...

There's a crow in Yorkshire, UK who's been filmed "speaking" with a Yorkshire accent. "Y'alright, love?"

(It's actually an African pied crow, with a white band around its midsection. Similar crows were used in a recent Windex TV ad campaign. No idea how it got to Yorkshire; it might have been a pet that escaped.)


A British laugh; do you mean like Sid James?


Dare I say, perhaps from watching John Oliver :)

Unlikely, he is 36 years old and has been doing that for as long as as I can remember.

The parrot is 36 years old? That's very special. I know some birds can outlive humans (a web search will bring up some cases), but we generally think of pets as having shorter lifetimes than us.

He's relatively a sage and I hope he is treated with the respect one deserves. :)

For larger parrots, it is actually not that uncommon.

A responsible parrot owner should plan for the parrot to outlive them and include something in their will about how the parrot will be passed down.

It actually turns out the bird is a female, but thirty years of saying "he" is a hard habit to break. I was told from a pet store owner you could do a DNA analysis of the poop to determine gender. Also he incorrectly told me male birds could lay eggs if they didn't have a mate. I was 8 so I believed it.

> Also he incorrectly told me male birds could lay eggs if they didn't have a mate.

This is hilarious. You should get her a mate. :)

Parrots can live something like 70 years.

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