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Am I allowed to plug my own site? - crack on, no need to be shy.



Slow AF, but it usually works. If you feel it's just a Timecube or TempleOS, then I'm sorry for wasting your time.

It took a fair old while to spin up. The design is idiosyncratic but consistent.

Thinking about your habits will always be useful to you. Be the architect of this living art and your artful living. Go forth, sir, and be that which creates itself. Build your existential lifetool, reconstruct yourself, and ride your liferaft down the river of happiness

It is about time I reconstructed myself and incorporated a decent existential lifetool into my river journey.

I think it's really cool, and I'll rummage about in the near future. I do find the font a bit difficult to read, and perhaps that might be something to focus on improving (assuming you value the content of your site more than aesthetics).

The font is a weird problem. It does have an aesthetic component, but this is actually a choice towards functionality for my own context. I agree it can be unpleasant (I despise it on mobile, for example).

I work on my wiki on a 42" screen, and I've found it very useful to see large bodies of monospace text all at once on my screen (it's part of my workflow). I regularly have 50,000 words worth of tiddlers open at any given time, and I've found the font is useful in development. I'm going to accept the tradeoff for now.

If it ever becomes something which isn't intended for me, but instead primarily for others, I will have to change it.

Hey there, love the idiosyncratic design of your site. I'm interested in reading through this, but the about section left me a little confused.

Also, is computational existentialism a term of your own? If so, could you define it for me?

Yes, it's my own term. I'm still developing what it means to me. You can find my evolving definition here:


Currently, it reads:

"Applied Computational Existential is the scientific method loaded with a profound respect for metaphysics applied to my fundamental existential problems. The goal is to balance my self-dialectic with empirical bottom-up reasoning and rationalist top-down modeling from a transcendental realist's position in epistemology and ontology. This is an assay in teleology based on the assumption that the physical world and my mind are almost entirely reducible to computational models while humbly accepting that the final telos of reality exists in metaphysics."

TempleOS is actually a very impressive piece of tech.

I said that poorly. I meant that it might be dismissed as merely the work of a crazy person. I agree with you; I think TempleOS is fascinating, and I'm blown away that one person built it.

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