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Isn't it only a tax on sugary drinks? And from my personal experience it just seems to be pushing people to buy Coke Zero/Diet Coke instead. Most people I know haven't complained much about it. I wonder if it will have the indended effets of reducing sugar consumption.

Chicago had a soda tax of a penny per ounce. Unfortunately it included all sodas and juices, sugary or not. There was so much backlash from it they got rid of the tax a few months later. I honestly would have been for it if it didn't include diet drinks. I believe it would have had a positive impact on public health.

The only time I noticed this is on the McDonald’s machine where the default is now Coke Zero (yuck) and “classic coke” costs 12p more. I still buy the classic coke. I hope the government puts the tax to good use!

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