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That doesn't sound any better. So if I have an asset that I'm not using, it's morally just to take it from me because I'm not using it?

The devil's in the details. Depending on the asset and the situation, it may be morally correct to take it, yes.

To give an absurd, extreme example: if you lived in a nation going through a famine and your hobby was watching bread mold, it might be morally just to take away your warehouse of stockpiled bread to let the starving people eat, even if it meant you couldn't continue your thrilling bread-mold-watching hobby.

> it's morally just

Morally? Definitely. Incentivizing trade promotes human survival. Is it "just" is a different question, because justice requires a set of idealogical social principles to start from. Natural rights, divine will, reparative, or some other. YMMV


Please don't break the HN guideline which asks you not to call names in arguments. It is found here: https://news.ycombinator.com/newsguidelines.html.

Your comment would be fine without the first sentence.

>You libertarians are insufferable.

Stick to content. Not attacks.

The content of his argument is libertarian.

"You libertarians are insufferable" is not exactly a critique of an argument.

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