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Because social media is simply one of the vast amount of websites on the internet, it's unfair to tax it alone. Either you tax the whole internet comsumption (e.g. every 5GB or something like that) or you don't.

Imagine taxes specific to laundering machines that only apply when washing underwear, but not for any other clothes, it makes no sense.

Also, the govt. snooping on what people access / banning use of VPNs raises privacy concerns (and even censorship ones).

You could argue that social media has a negative effect and that it should be taxed in the same way that alcohol (and soft drinks in some places) is taxed. I'm not arguing that social media has a net negative effect, but I can see how some internet sites could singled out and taxed.

In this case, the reason that Uganda is taxing social media is to stop people from criticizing the government. Taxes can be a great tool for censorship.

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