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You would also have to wean us off meat, including poultry. Not all meat, sure, but the bulk is cereal-fed in CAFO factory operations. Similarly you'd have to wean us off most of the dairy produce and dairy-derived food we like, because grass-fed is not going to produce the quantities we've grown accustomed to. Then you'd have to wean us off bread and beer, and a whole host of extracted starches and sugars that are used in manufacturing much of the so-called processed foods. Because that's where most of the cereals are going.

So... most of humanity on a more-or-less vegan diet.

Most meat will be lab grown within a decade. Livestock meat will become a luxury

Within a decade? I'd be surprised if even 0.1% of meat is lab grown in 2028.

Investor in a previous startup is heavily invested in this. Knowing what i know i expect the market to explode once it hits is economic potential.

Is it even really technically feasible yet? If we could grow meat in a lab, then we should be able to grow replacement human organs in a lab too, but we're definitely not there yet, though we're making progress.

Care to put a little Bitcoin on that? ;) I'm skeptical.

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