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Probably not the answer you're looking for, but our small company, of 7 full timers and a handful of part timers, switched to Gusto for payroll about a year ago. I know our founder who had previously managed all this himself has saved himself a ton of time and stress. He's generally a frugal person, so if he was won over it's probably worth a look. Since then I've know a few other agencies who have switched to Gusto as well. From an employees perspective I have to say it's been great. I get emails when I get paid, I can easily grab my paystubs, and access to my W-2 without and issue.

I've heard good things about them, for me right now the payroll takes ~30 minutes or so a month with end of quarter payroll taking a little longer to create the 941 forms.

I'm solo and I still find gusto to be worth the money. On the rare occasions I've needed to contact them, they have been great.

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