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Spec: https://github.com/solid/solid-spec

Source: https://github.com/solid/solid


From https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16615679 ( https://westurner.github.io/hnlog/#comment-16615679 )

> ActivityPub (and OStatus, and ActivityStreams/Salmon, and OpenSocial) are all great specs and great ideas. Hosting and moderation cost real money (which spammers/scammers are wasting).

> Know what's also great? Learning. For learning, we have the xAPI/TinCan spec and also schema.org/Action.

Mastodon has now supplanted GNU StatusNet.

Here is the HN discussion from 2 years ago on Solid:


Firefox Focus giving https security warning and won't let me visit the site.

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