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Nothingtoinstall.com now live (joelonsoftware.com)
34 points by j_b_f on Sept 30, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Maybe I don't get it, but this seems like a truly horrible name. I didn't have an idea of what the site was for from the name and even reading Joel's post left it a little vague. Once I was there, I got a feel for what was going on, but I still don't think I will remember the place.

For a site aimed at users, why use a name referring to webapp distribution?

It was the highest voted domain name by the community http://meta.nothingtoinstall.com/questions/108/what-should-o...

All the politicians in office right now were the highest voted, but that doesn't mean they are good. I didn't click on on the referenced link as I don't even want to know what was second worse.

The name is bad. When I first saw the headline here on hn, my first thought was "portable apps" followed by "live linux cd's."

I thought it made sense... well as much as "stackoverflow" does.

Stack Overflow is at least obviously programming-related.

webapps.stackexchange.com seems like it would be a better name to me. Not so sure why they'd want to not continue to use subdomains of stackexchange.com.

Agreed. Especially when something like WebAppAnswers.com remains unregistered. Selecting good domains is a dying art.

The site is a Q/A forum for web apps.

I sense a disturbance in the web - millions of sockpuppets being created to ask and then answer the same question of what is the best web app for X.

So this is like Digg ?

It's interesting.

The look and feel of this site is almost too sleek and clean (I say this as a designer)

I like it and all, but it also feels a little hmm soulless?


Looks like a Windows 95 application.

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