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Here's my take on the future: We'll upload ourselves and use much less energy. As uploaded agents we'll have all the advantages of software - forking multiple instances of ourselves, backup for assured immortality, plugins and upgrades, changing our appearance at will, slowing down or speeding up, becoming part of a collective - everything. It will be Life 2.0, very different from our life.

We've already "uploaded" parts of the brain - visual processing, voice, simple communication and some interaction skills like playing game, moving about and handling objects.

Our age is the first where massive storage, worldwide communication and cheap cameras exist. So we will be an interesting case for the future uploaded agents - we'll be revived based on our digital traces in order to study the origins of Life 2.0 - digital archeology.

Yeah, and we could set the clock speed really low and we wouldn't even notice the difference ;)

I'm finding it difficult to understand what you mean by 'uploading'. Do you mean in some kind of Mixed Reality scenario where we are interacting with virtual assets?

I think they mean this stuff https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_uploading

Check out the book Accelerando by fellow HNer cstross. It goes pretty deep into this premise and I found it incredibly thought provoking.

You can read free here:


I assume he means digitally simulating your entire mind on a computer. Basically trading your biological brain for software.

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