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Rumpetroll - a new Websockets/HTML5/CSS3/JS experiment (rumpetroll.com)
142 points by hugoahlberg on Sept 29, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 56 comments

I broke it. I was the "DROP TABLES" guy, and you'll want to sanitize the text before it goes into the db.

I typed

     "; DROP TABLE `users`;
Which made every person stop moving, and then on page reload nothing happens. (So the `users` table is dropped.)

Sorry!! I didn't mean to break it, I wanted to test it.

Ha. Nice try. We don't have any table called users :)

..but if anyone knows why it sometimes freeze, please let us know. We were not excepting this kind of traffic.

Hmm, I assumed that I broke it because of two tries (with page reloads between) and it froze/broke after.

EDIT: Alright, it works. But, as before it won't show the text of my input (when it's an attempted SQL injection). Are you trying to hide it or not? (e.g. if someone types "Hello, World" (with quotes) they will want those to appear.)

Where is the egg? There's nothing to fertilize.

There is a file called Tadpole.js I doubt there will be an egg. Maybe we turn into frogs after a while!

I'm not sure how 'useful' it would be, but what if you could overlay this on any web page you wanted, like that asteroids bookmarklet from yesterday. You could have the option to turn it on or off. Kind of an ability to see some real time comments overlay on articles or something. Or just a way to 'hang out' on the HN homepage. Each webpage would have it's own room. It would be like creating an instant chat overlay on the page.

I just feel like this would add a whole new dimension to the web. It's kind of like WoW back when I played. Each region/city has their own chat zone. I spend too much time just browsing random articles, it would be nice to start up some conversations that aren't as formal as comments (not logged, realtime, etc).

That would be rather easy. Make a bookmarklet that redirects you to a site, which then presents you the page with an overlay. Cross-site scripting policies prevent a naive implementation.

I think it already has been tried. I don't think it's all that useful, but if you really want, send me an email (see my profile for address), and I will build it for you.

Ha, I love the idea, but I have no idea how it would be implemented. If you want to make it, go ahead. I'm sure a lot of people would be interested. I'll come back once I understand how the internet works.

It crossed my mind, I have no idea if this engine could be used for it but I can ask the programmers tomorrow. I would love the ability to turn ANY website into a multiplayer game — that would be awesome.

We are experiencing some heavy load on the servers. Please bare with us and don't hesitate to leave any feedback!

Site credits:

http://twitter.com/danielmahal - frontend

http://twitter.com/hpeikemo - server

http://twitter.com/hugoahlberg - design

So what kind of servers/load are we talking about? This is really interesting, I'd love to hear some figures.

Yep the server dude went to bed. haha. but we'll try to do some more testing and see where we can optimize both in frontend and backend. And of course tell you what we find out…

Please bare what with you?

Balance issues: needs more ova.

lets not turn this into a women in tech issue

Is there a way to share some source code for this? It's pretty interesting. Good work.

I'll put it on github tomorrow.

Please do, thanks for sharing.

That'll be nice. Inspiring stuff!

Post the URL here once you do!

The www is going to get really interesting again really fast..... combine this with the asteroids bookmarklet from yesterday... good fun.

Am I supposed to search for an egg here?

I love the way it organically divides conversations, much like real life, based on "georgaphic location".

Does it... um... do anything? I can swim and chat.

Nice motion, and quite pretty, but I expect it to do something more. * shrug * must be because I've played Flow.

I tried typing /turboboost and /lightningbolt and it did nothing. I was a little let down. Still, it's a good demo of some new technologies.

You can make your own fun though. I swam past a bunch of other tadpoles yelling "Don't go that way! MONSTERS!!!"

Did you try /magicmissile or /pizza ?

First thing I tried was: <script>alert("!");</script> which was just not chatted. Didn't try much else :)

Not at this time. For now it's just a tech demo that we made for fun. We are planning some more features and maybe a layer of "gamification"

Some snippets of interest.

Control maximum speed:

/js/Tadpole.js line 12: this.maxMomentum = 3;

Send a message: app.sendMessage(string)

Message length: /js/WebSocketService.js line 113

You can set a few other parameters like your size, too. Unfortunately, no one else can see it. I was the biggest sperm you never saw.

This application is pure evil. It turns normally eloquent people into silly spermatadpoles. I love it.

Thanks to everyone how liked/shared/voted for http://rumpetroll.com ! 10,000+ hits in less than a day & still growing strong! Team Rumpetroll ♥ you all!

That is surprisingly fun and addictive given that it's so simple...

Headed south and got an,

"Ooops. Did you do this? The mother-frog is unable to deliver you to the primordial pond. Please try later to play with other Rumpertrolls."

I wonder if I hit an integer overflow...

the server is overloaded. we were not expecting this kind of traffic.. we are working on it now (we should be sleeping, midnight in scandinavia! :)

/hugo ahlberg

Forgot to mention, awesome little demo!

Makes me proud to be Norwegian. Haven't seen stuff like this from our country before, let's hope this opens a flood gate of creativity and cutting edge web development!

Makes me proud to make Norwegians proud. I too really hope this may stimulate others to push the envelope.

glad to hear that! we are planning to release the code, can't wait to see what you guys come up with :)

I appreciate the number of people that want to believe we're in a vagina here.

Server is down again guys. We're on it! Check back soon

Awesome chatting to the creators within the app!

Thanks, it's hard to follow up on everyone. Especially since it's way over midnight here in Sweden :)

Anyone here know how to hack speed?

HTML5 but not Firefox? rly?

Firefox 4 works! or so I've been told. Text rendering only looks good on Mac I've heard. Daniel is looking into that soon though..

I'm not specially picky with typography, but they look just fine for me in Ubuntu/Chrome.

It's kinda sad that internet has fought against one monoculture (IE) just to switch to another (WebKit)

Haha, awesome name!

thanks! Based on your name I guess you know what it means? :)

For those curious, yes those are tadpoles, and "Rumpetroll" is the Norwegian word for tadpole.

Tadpoles. Right...

It's actually true, in norwegian 'rumpetroll' means tadpole http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rumpetroll

but the literal translation is "ass troll", yes, seriously. that's why it's extra fun! especially if you are swedish like me ;)

I thought "rumpetroll" was a fake word along the lines of "guleböj" and "brusefåtölj" when I saw it. Fellow Swede here.

haha. yeah, when I first moved to Norway I couldn't believe it either :)

Very cool! I'd love to do something similar to this, something simple, like a remake of Atari Tank. Just drop in and start playing, instantly. Great demo.

As @DanielMahal wrote below, he plans to release the code tomorrow.. I can't wait to see what you guys can come up with! :)

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