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Redux is good given how small the library is. Rust stands out as well

I don't see how anyone could like Redux' library. It's up there with Webpack in "dancing around but not getting to the point".

If you want to do anything useful with Redux, the Redux docs are pretty terrible.

I hate any docs that are written in "step" form rather than "book/info" form.

I search for a specific thing I want to learn about and apparently it's skipped over because it's not "a commonly used thing".

I'm underwhelmed by the Rust docs.

The tutorial is OK-ish, but the reference docs are weak. If I have a specific question about some detail of the language, the answer is very rarely there.

Sometimes the answer is written up in the bug-tracking system or an RFC. They don't seem to have a culture where someone making a behaviour change, or a language-definition decision, is expected to update the reference manual at the same time.

Please file bugs against the reference when you have these kinds of questions, it really helps.

> they don’t seem to have a culture

We actually do have that as a literal rule [1], but since we’ve started from a place where the reference is incomplete, we can’t block everything on fully filling out every last detail. It’s being actively worked on though!

1: the rule has been slightly relaxed in the last few months for reasons; now a bug must be filed, rather than writing out the literal text. They usually get done fairy shortly after though.

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