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Coda vs. notion vs. airtable
3 points by chaigh on June 26, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
Have any of you guys used one of these products? Wondering what the relative benefits of each are / whether some are better for certain use cases than others.

I use Notion for everything. I even made part of my notes public: https://www.notion.so/Public-Space-for-Krzysztof-Kowalczyk-5...

I love it.

Coda is still in closed beta. I requested an invite months ago and still didn't get it. It also seems like their focus is on companies/teams. Notion also supports teams but works just as well for an individual (that's how I use it).

Notion is only superficially similar to AirTable in that Notion is a mostly a note-taker with additional capabilities, including some that can do some of the things that AirTable does (i.e. building mini-spreadsheets/databases).

AirTable is mostly for creating database/spreadsheet applications. It's great for that but not at all suitable for things that Notion is great at i.e. note taking.

I wouldn't even consider them competing. Maybe at some point Notion's tables will have as many features as AirTable but that's not today. You can use them both.

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