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Ask HN: Which project management and team communication software do you use?
67 points by androidlab on June 26, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 61 comments

I love Clubhouse.io. Best description I think can be a nicer looking Trello on steroids. It has a focus on software development management, but nothing stopping you from using it for any project management. Pricing is also reasonable.

Using Asana as well for a different project.

For non software dev, stopped using/didn’t go back to a type of app I’ve always had a soft spot for because of pricing. App being Basecamp and apps heavily influenced by it like Teamwork.com. It’s just myself, my partner, and a freelancer right now. So Basecamp only price of $100/mo and Teamwork having 5 user minimum at $9/mo (so $45/mo), ends up not being worth it. I’d love to find an app like these for a more fair price.

* https://taiga.io/ for project planning

* https://ryver.com/ for team communication (Slack clone)

* https://connect.yandex.com (like GSuite, but free)


We aren't a tech company (though I subscribe to the every company is a tech company, some just make things) and I'm the only programmer.

Trello is by far the most intuitive tool for none-trivial I've seen, if anyone knows of a better one I'd be interested.

Since Trello had an API I just integrated against that the bits I didn't already have.

I subscribed for startinfinity.com beta and it seems they are solving trello limits and have really great UX.

1. Zulip (Slack clone with proper threading)

2. after evaluating Kanboard and WeKan we decided to keep it simple and reuse the Gitlab (issue-tracker) as a Kanban board (we already used gitlab anyway so this was something everyone was familiar with).

Just want to mention that Zulip is not a Slack clone. The development of Zulip was started in August 2012[1] while Slack was released in August 2013. Folks who are interested to know more should take a look at https://zulipchat.com/why-zulip/

[1] https://github.com/zulip/zulip/commit/ea43d2e40e59cb0240ea36...

Just wanted to add we also use Zulip.

Before Zulip we used XMPP for a long time but found clients to be a bit lacking. We moved to Mattermost for a brief period until we stumbled on Zulip and thought; Dang, they got the threading thing right... So we switched to Zulip and it has been great for us.

The organisation uses Kanboard for all kinds of projects. IT development uses Phabricator. As a gapps / exchange replacement we use Open-Xchange. Actually we have been using that since it was open sourced almost 13 years ago.

Riot https://about.riot.im/ (and therefore Matrix https://matrix.org/) for chat. Kanboard https://kanboard.org/ for kanban board. Gitea https://gitea.io/ for git (and Drone https://drone.io/ for CI)

Email - Seriously having tried out literally everything I could, email is still the both worst tools and best tools for the job. Worst because you cant really get much efficiency out of it, best because everyone knows how to use it and there is no learning curve involves.

For project management: Redmine[1] and analog whiteboards.

We picked Redmine back in 2012 because you could have multiple repositories in a single project.

[1]: http://www.redmine.org

A text file and git. The analysis compiler does all the grunt work. If we want a UI we sync with Trello. (Disclaimer: I wrote the book on making stuff people want with minimal overhead, so my preferences are probably biased towards extreme simplicity and maximum flexibility, not graphs or reports. If you're handling information like that, the UI, graphs, and reports are a fairly trivial issue.)

Too many!

We started off all ad-hoc, in the room chatting about stuff, and when we got a remote team, we switched to TFS, with phone calls and Skype. Someone suggested Slack, so we tried that, and then someone else suggested Teams, so we tried that. Now we've got loads of different people on different platforms, and no-one ever knows the best way to communicate any more.

We need to work on our communication...

Asana + Slack mostly (and github issues). Trello with its card management did not worked really (although I like it).

In my experience Trello is fine until your cards don't all fit on the same screen.

Tuleap https://tuleap.org for Scrum, Kanban and Source code management (git)

Mattermost https://mattermost.com for instance messaging (way superior to slack, esp. for thread management).

JIRA and Slack.

We started off with just the development team using Slack, and the rest of the company using Skype. Now we all use Slack internally, and Skype when that's all clients have.

I think the reason that the company moved to Slack was cost based, but really I think they wanted to play with the integrations :)

Hey, we've been really unhappy with most of the solutions. So we did the only right thing and build our own.

If you want to work Agile and need something easy & beautiful to plan and manage your projects give it a shot:


Mostly just plain old Open Source stuff: mediawiki (same as wikipedia), an IRC server, an email server...

I find it weird that people tolerate depending on anything else. You are at the mercy of some other company. They can cut features (for example, confluence killing wiki markup compatibility to lock users in), they can jack up the price, they can totally discontinue the product, they can switch licensing, they can require an always-on backdoor for "upgrades" or "licensing", and so on. Why would you tolerate this risk to your business?

We use Confluence and JIRA. I have created a business process that uses both to create requirements and a specification that turn into a set of tasks to program.

I have wrote a short post on how to apply GTD with JIRA if your interested http://tysonmaly.com/gtd/how-to-user-jira-for-getting-things...

We started using excel for task lists and gantt, google drive, slack and whatsapp (yes, whatsapp). We tried Trello for the Kanban view. Lately we started using ZOHO Projects. So far its been great. Especially after their recent update. Its got all the functionality of EVERY tool I mentioned earlier. I, for one, am not a big fan of using Whatsapp for official communication, and post Zoho Projects, we only use Whatsapp to plan team outings :P

Its free. Give it a shot.

At Work : TFS 2017 (On Premise), most of the communication is done at the coffee break.

At Home : Used to work with Gitlab CE on a Raspberry Pi, sometime Github. but most of the time a local git repository is enough (so nothing). We used Gitlab / Slack for a project with a group of friends, but moved to Telegram.

I've been using Slack and Trello most recently but I've found it difficult to keep track of communication between several tools.

So I've been building Seat (https://www.useseat.com) to bring the best of Slack and Trello together in addition to document management.

Jira, Confluence, and Google apps for most persistent things. Google hangouts and Discord for communication.

We have no requirements for any particular tools, so it’s really organic. Team-members, leads, managers have freedom to try new tools. We use what works until it doesn’t.

Trello (with Planaway) and Slack

We are looking into switching Slack to Hangouts Chat (why pay for 2 services when you can do it with 1). However we are getting mixed feedback from our test users… Anyone here with Hangouts Chat experiences?

We shifted from Slack to Hangouts Chat about 3 months ago.

It has generally gone down pretty well. It has nice features like the way it makes posts in Rooms their own 'threads', and allows the user to enable or disable notifications per 'thread'. Also, as you say, the cost for Chat was included with our G-Suite license.

However, as a SysAdmin it doesn't have the same level of administrator controls that you see in more mature products, such as Slack (and even Discord). In my opinion it is still very much in beta and Google need to keep adding to the admin and end-user features before it really competes with Slack.

http://www.targetprocess.com - project management

http://slack.com - team communication

I used Clubhouse at a previous workplace and really liked it. https://clubhouse.io/

Anyone know of a tool that integrates with Jira but allows for "executive reporting" on timelines, delivery dates and the likes, akin to a Gantt?

I think Tempo does that stuff.

Slack and Asana or Trello.

I've been using Discord quite a lot outside of work and it seems like it would work well as a Slack replacement. Has anyone used Discord for work?

I haven't yet used Discord for an actual company, but I've used it to manage and organize several projects now, some quite large. IMO, it beats Slack in every way. I really can't imagine using Slack for any new project/organization at this point.

Have you hit any limits when pinning files to a channel? It's pretty tempting to try Discord instead of Slack at this point.

Well, the ideal work messenger would be a Slack clone (maybe with threading options) with native apps as clients, instead of javascript turds, but I guess that's never going to happen.

JIRA, Zulip, and G Suite. I hate JIRA with a passion (everything's 10 clicks away, I never know where to click), but Zulip and G Suite are pretty good.

Do you know a such tool where all database (issues, tasks etc) is stored into a git repo ? I am considering to do this using org-mode (for my own 1st).

Excel (I kid you not) and Skype. Does that count? :)

Same here - with a side of Slack.

Ora - free & perfect for small to mid projects.


IRC, textfiles, pastebin links and a remote filesystem accessed with sshfs. It's for an oss project.

Trello & Taiga. (Also partially Github Projects) Discord, Skype Zendesk G Suite & Office 365

Pivotal tracker/Slack

Very happy with the setup

Pivotal tracker's flow is excellent when you get everyone on board!

Does it force any particular process / workflow? I'd like to try it but the investment of time and social capital in trying a new tool that doesn't work out for the team is very high.

Yes, it has one workflow, personally I think it's a good middle ground between simplicity (like Github issues) and completeness (like Jira), there is this 8 min tutorial on it here: https://youtu.be/bzCZysm5lG8

I agree with the investment thing, can't help with this one though :)

the usual suspects: JIRA, Confluence, (lots of) email, WhatsApp groups and cisco webEx.

Jira, Confluence, email, WhatsApp groups.

So much email. So, so much. Some Rocketchat usage but not huge.

Notion.so for project management and documenting stuff. Highly recommended.

Jira, trello, skype, a lot of bloody email,

Sharepoint, badly. Starting with confluence.

Slack & GitHub Issues

Slack and keka is the best project management and team communication software. https://goo.gl/bBsbMr

GitLab tickets and wiki, gsuite, twistapp.com

MS TFS and MS Teams. pretty happy with it.

Rally - I feel brain-damaged already...

Microsoft Teams and Planner

Redmine, xmpp/jabber.

ActiveCollab + Slack

Trello, Slack, Zoom

VSTS + Slack



monday.com and MS Teams

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