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The source files are written in rst(ReStructured Text) format, the standard documentation format for Python. Specifically using [Sphinx](http://sphinx.pocoo.org).

One of the default output formats IS HTML.

Build instructions on *nix:

    $ fossil clone http://learnpythonthehardway.org lpthw.fossil 
    $ mkdir lpthw
    $ cd lpthw
    $ fossil open ../lpthw.fossil 
    $ make html
    $ open _build/html/index.html
To install sphinx:

    $ easy_install sphinx 

    $ pip install sphinx
Here you go: a zipped file containing HTML files on google docs. https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0BzdipdlNhpRrNWNmYjFlNmMtZTl...

Please don't put it online in HTML just yet. I need to get it edited, and I'm afraid people will put versions of the book up in HTML format with errors and problems. Once the book is 1.0 then I'll have it online and anyone else can put it online. Can you take your link down please?

I've taken down the doc.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

Thanks. And thanks for showing how to do this as well.

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