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Jsonnet is not new, but it's a missed opportunity as it's a big departure from the JavaScript semantics. It's Standard Library and syntax are unique, which is not a good thing for its purpose. It needs to be a subset of JavaScript, which could later become part of ECMAScript. I understand that its lazy evaluation nature required some of those, but still, I find it often to be much more pain than it should be!

I don't understand that argument at all. Jsonnet generates JSON. Why does it itself need to be in JSON?

XSLT was brilliant except it was extremely verbose and difficult to use due to wanting to be expressed in XML.

XSLT as prior art demonstrates that Jsonnet made the right choice here.

It doesn't have to be JSON in this case, but JavaScript. Anyway, even XSLT has JavaScript support!

Seems I misread your post. I guess I very seldom think of JSON as having anything to do with JavaScript even if that is where it originated..

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