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I appreciate your humility and professionalism in a discussion thread that holds a lot of criticism; suffice it to say, I should have practiced a bit more humility and a bit less "Monday morning quarterbacking" in my original post. And I should have read your comment on YAML's history. To right the record: you got _so_ much right with YAML, and it's unfair for me to cherry-pick this example 20 years later. Sincere apologies...

As the saying goes, "there are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses." YAML, like any language, isn't perfect, but it's withheld the test of time and is used by software around the world—many have found it incredibly useful. Sincere thanks for your contribution and work.

As someone who doesn't really use YAML much, your comment provides a good introduction to the kinds of things one needs to know before choosing formats in the future.

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