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This is a very good example of the problems of YAML and it's one of those things that has really preplexed me about the design of YAML. (I suppose it's a sign of the times when YAML was designed.)

It's[1] just so blatantly unnecessary to support any file encoding other than UTF-8, supporting "extensible data types" which sometimes end up being attack vectors into a language runtime's serialization mechanism, autodetecting the types of values... the list goes on and on. Aside from the ergonomic issues of reading/writing YAML files, it's also absurdly complex to support all of YAML's features... which are used in <1% of YAML files.

A well-designed replacement for certain uses might be Dhall, but I'm not holding my breath for that to gain any widespread acceptance.

[1] Present tense. Things looked massively different at the time, so it's pretty unfair to second-guess the designers of YAML.

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