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The free, traffic-requiring TLD: .tk (wikipedia.org)
16 points by abeisgreat on June 19, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Oh boy I remember being a teen and all the gaming forums and gaming communities always started out with a .tk site. None of us had credit cards so it was the go to for starting a project.

I remember having one of these when I was a teenager and wanted a domain for free.

Are they doing this to increase the number of non-spam domains so the overall .tk domain use looks more legitimate?

Oh, that ship sailed a long time ago. Free domain registries have always been attractive to bad actors; adding traffic requirements won't change that one bit.

They are doing it since like always. I remember registering one 10 years ago

Doing what? All I see is the Wikipedia article for the TLD.

Well, the article does have the link to the registry:


I read this and am not sure I understand why it's interesting. Can anyone provide a .tk TLD TLDR so I can say, TIL .tk?

I believe this is the main site for the TCL programming language and its TK GUI ToolKit:


TK is ported to various OSes and languages. It seems popular enough so that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/tk redirects to the toolkit instead of the TLD.

EDIT: added more info and rephrased

Free domain names! But the free ones have to have "regular traffic", the definition of which is not in the Wikipedia page. If you don't want to have to have a site that gets regular visitors, you can outright buy the domain at varying prices.

But to get to the TL;DR: free domain names! (Some restrictions apply, see far-away-country dealer for details.)

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