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Well said!

I was in the camp hoping for two octects at the beginning of the address (so they could be zeroes). Actually, a single i text would have taken us to a trillion IPs and given us enough time to think about the topic a bit more.

Large changes rarely succeed. Perl 6, Mozilla (back in the 1990’s) and others come to mind.

This is hard stuff, and we were made to swallow the kitchen sink.

So, what are the changes in IPv6 other than change in address size that hinder adoption?

ARP was replaced by neighbor discovery protocol. Broadcast was replaced by multicast.

> ARP was replaced by neighbor discovery protocol.

Would you be happy if we renamed NDP to ARPv6? Or is your suggestion that we continue to use ARP and put a more-than-four-byte-address into a fixed-size four byte field?

> Broadcast was replaced by multicast.

So, in IPv6 you can only send packets to a small subset of recipients, whereas in IPv4 you could address a packet to "every IPv4 device on the planet"?

Or are you suggesting we should misname multicast in IPv6 as "broadcast" just as we did in IPv4 in order to solve which technical problem exactly?

I don't have a problem with IPv6, I was just stating changes between it and v4.

Well, but I didn't ask for "changes between v6 and v4", I was asking for changes other than the change in address size that hinder adoption--with the point being that most of the stuff that people complain about is actually an unavoidable consequence of the change in address size, such as the replacement of ARP with a new protocol that can actually transport longer addresses than 32 bits (and that otherwise isn't all that different from ARP).

ARP was unsuitable for anything except ethernet and ipv4, and would have needed to change in an incompatable way no matter what. I dont see why replacing it is a big deal.

I guess one could say, to paraphrase, extraordinary change requires extraordinary motivation.

For me as a home user, IPv6 seems like what you'd get when you ask a group of 6-year olds to design a concept car.

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