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Ahhh, Zen of Graphic Programming was my one of first graphics books, which led straight to Foley, vanDam, et. al., and I was hooked :)

It's safe to say Abrash's book had a big impact on me.

Norton's books also make me nostalgic, so thank you for that, GP.

I'm sure I still have my paper copy someplace. I still remember that you did things differently on an 8086 than an 8088 for example because of the difference in the width of the external data bus. Cycle counting. I'm not sure I learned much that was practical from it but it was the ultimate in optimizing x86 assembler code.

As I recall, he was going to write a sequel but, by then, it would have been fairly pointless.

That is unfair. :)

One more from Mr. Norton: https://www.amazon.com/Peter-Norton-Programmers-Guide-IBM/dp...

It covers a wide range of interrupt routines, both DOS and the BIOS ones. Also, some PCJr sound chip programming got snuck in.

Peter Norton's Assembly Language book is also online: https://openlibrary.org/works/OL65474W/Assembly_language_boo... but crazily, there's a waitlist to "check out" the eBook.


I did once contact the current copyright owners (DK or Penguin, I think) to see if it could be re-released or released for free, but the paperwork scared me off. Hopefully someone has more luck one day.

Obligatory mention: John Socha is the author of Peter Norton books as well as Norton Commander.

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