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Ask HN: HMD Global (Nokia) is acting shady Any recourse?
5 points by milankragujevic 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite
Nokia phones running Android, manufactured by Foxconn on contract by HMD Global Oy, appear to be shipped with badly designed Android images which contain malware apps designed by Taiwanese company Evenwell, that either already send data about the device, it's user and their usage habits, and other private or personal information to someone?'s servers, or they plan to do that, through updates, like Alcatel (TCL) has done.

I purchased a Nokia phone expecting "Clean Android experience", what I got was only skin deep. Below the stock-looking UI there's a mess of apps that do who knows what, and report to whomever.

And worst of it all, HMD has locked and refuses to unlock the bootloaders of all of their phones, as well as violating the GPL terms for months now, with no solution in sigh.

Full list of installed Apps on Nokia Android phones:


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