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The main difference between the two is that BSP serves the needs of language servers and LSP serves the needs of editors. The two protocols have some duplicated functionality like build/publishDiagnostics (== LSP textDocument/publishDiagnostics), build/logMessage (== LSP window/logMessage), build/showMessage (== LSP window/showMessage), build/didChangeWatchedFiles (== LSP workspace/didChangeWatchedFiles).

There are some methods in BSP that might merit inclusion in LSP like buildTarget/test and buildTarget/run.

However, there are some critical methods in BSP that make no sense in LSP like buildTarget/scalacOptions. This is a method to extract dependencies and other compiler flags that are necessary for a Scala language server to provide completions, navigation, etc. Currently, every Scala IDE builds its own "export" command for each supported build tool resulting in duplicated effort. With BSP, we hope that a build tool can implement the server once and in return get integrations for multiple IDEs.

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