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The Startup Curve (adam.blog.heroku.com)
42 points by prakash on April 25, 2008 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

I didn't add those labels, though. Those were added by Trevor as a joke.

I would have thought there'd be a few more wiggles of false hope just before the trough of sorrow. You know, to make the trough of sorrow that much deeper and painful!

The labels are what really make it shine. "Wiggles of false hope" is so very true.

The first 3 comments on that post are hilarious

The first comment says "Techcrunch only shows startups in the US or startups from the insiders - people who know Mike Arrington personally."

I know this is not the case. My company is not in the US and I don't know Mike Arrington. I just contacted them through their standard form, they liked one of our products and reviewed it favorably:


Note that comment's author.

This is exactly what justin.tv's traffic curve looks like. I joined just around the first Wiggles Of False Hope.

N.B. This is from the whiteboard at the Y Combinator Mountain View office. Seeing it gives me an eerie Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate feeling. The hockey stick at the end gives me a little hope, but that trough looks awfully long...

We apply a similar framework that tracks all the Stages of a business journey; I like the additional depth and experience this adds (through both the graph and the labels, however humourous) to the initial Start-Up Stage.

Looks like the seeds of a meta-essay.

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