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I agree with most of the comments here and on the blog post; having hit many of the same issues myself.

Fortunately, I get to do something about it.

I work for Facebook (joined ~3 weeks ago).

Part of my job is to help fix the developer site, documentation, etc. (along with a host of other issues related to developer relations).

We are working on updating the site and docs as fast as we can and this thread is helpful.

If you have any issues/feedback/whatever with our platform docs or API, email me at dmp@facebook.com and we'll get them addressed as soon as we can.

When are you going to put the Wiki back online? That should be a matter of a few man-hours of work. Until then, it's not believable to claim "We're working on updating the site and docs as fast as we can."

In my experience developing a couple of FB apps in the past, the information in the Wiki was absolutely crucial. (I'm talking about the Wiki that was located at http://wiki.developers.facebook.com/ in the past.)

It's up now!

No, it's not.

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