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I recently ported my app back to the old Javascript API; I wish I could say that it was for the superior older documentation, but it was actually because the new API randomly stopped returning my calls from time to time.

All of the big moneymakers' apps are built on the older stuff, so I figure when it breaks, it gets a bit more love.

The documentation is still shoddy, the Bing-powered documentation search is abysmal, and when things don't work I don't understand why. I'd have happily paid a few hundred dollars to be part of the developer program and have a contact over there, but they killed that. Ah well.

More than once, when I searched the documentation, the top result was a link to the very search page I was on.


I just started noticing that about two weeks ago. What an monumental pile of failure those docs are.

Why they dumped the only hope they had -- the wiki -- I will never understand.


This is a throwaway account. I'm a full-time developer for a huge company that uses Facebook as it's platform.

There still is a preferred developer program for the bigger companies out there but it doesn't really offer much of anything. Go back a year though and it was a big benefit.


Part of their new 'commitment' to developers (Facebook apparently created an internal Games team several months ago) is a stated paradigm shift towards more and better documentation, but it seems so at odds with the way things are currently done that I'm pretty skeptical.

It does seem as if someone over there is aware that the current situation is pretty awful, at least enough to say "we're working on it".


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