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That is beyond retarded...and a school is supposed to instruct kids in the truthful ways of life? Spraying oil does NOT eliminate aromatic odor molecules. All it does is dilute their presence. In addition, all of these essential oils are from plants, which many people are randomly allergic or inflamed by. Essential oils are for a home. Spraying essential oils into public airspace is such a dick move. Sorry about your kid, sucks when people spray biologically active drugs into the air that other people have to breathe.

The school is looking forward to your job application to be a preschool teacher. You'll have the following benefits:

* $32k annual salary

You'll have the responsibility to take care of the most precious little things that have every walked the earth. Your management are the parents, or as they like to call themselves "the people who pay your salary". These management want you to know they would do nearly everything you attempt to do differently than you do it. They want you to know they would do it differently, but they would never actually do it.

You'll need to show up at 7:15am sharp. You'll be able to leave as soon as the last parent picks up their child, which is sometime around 6:15pm. We are happy to have you on the team.

Edit: in education, there is asymmetry of requirements (similar to the asymmetry of bullshit). The boots-on-the-ground educator has 70-years worth of legal duties to be performed. This educator is working with a wide variety of incoming supplies (i.e. the little humans). Additionally, nearly everyone thinks they are capable of being a teacher, and their own recommendations and their own requirements.

The flippant demand that we should prevent $3.50 Glade plugins in a classroom in the scope of all the other things that matter is asymmetrical bullshit. A kid had a runny nose. Medical advice was to remove tonsils. The parents pushed back and found the real problem.

Maybe the $3.50 Glade plugin covered for another kid who was being bullied because of body odor? Or, maybe it cut down on distractions from nearby human pollution odors? Perhaps, the preschool is the lowest cost preschool around because the parents are cheap and do not want to pay market-rate for childcare. Thus, to be able to break even, the preschool uses a building used has a mold and water problem.

Of all the things that can be improved with education in the US, we decide on an internet forum that a $3.50 Glade plugin is the root of all evil for education because it masks instead of removes odors.

"Of all the things that can be improved with education in the US, we decide on an internet forum that a $3.50 Glade plugin is the root of all evil for education because it masks instead of removes odors."

You need to work on your straw man game. Start with something they actually said and work your way into something they didn't actually say. But just straight up putting fake words into their mouth is far too blatant.

This makes me think. Could there be an opportunity for remote babysitting or remote education for the earlier grades. We can elimate the not so qualified 32k person.

Socialization matters much more than education at that age.

Hell, let's just put the children in pods with feeding tubes. Then they won't require any labor.

Don't forget the waste removal tubes, and for god's sake, don't mix the two up.

No, but we need IT to stop enabling high land prices that force both parents to work.

So sad but true

What does any of this have to do with forcing an oil vaporizer on everyone? Are you arguing that teachers need essential oils in the air to get through the day; or is this just about the fact, that parents always have different ideas? In that case you should still err on the side of not putting random substances in the air everyone at the school has to breathe.

I think they're providing contrast against the hilarious suggestion that "a school is supposed to instruct kids in the truthful ways of life".

Ah, I see. I probably misinterpreted the intention behind that comment.

Are you trying to tell me that someone starting a post with "That is beyond retarded..." isn't a source I should be citing on what is/isn't proper human behavior?

That said, "Truthful way of life" and "Glad plugins don't eliminate the cause of odor, just mask it which has a value all its own" seem to both be able to exist in the same space right? I haven't been to this school, but it seems most teachers aren't actively indoctrinating children to believe the "Big Scent" lie that candles/oil diffusion/whatever actually fix the cause of their problem rather than addressing the symptoms

It would be better if most scent diffusers used essential oils, but unfortunately, most are made with VOCs and synthetic fragrance compounds that are known or suspected to cause many health problems, like Glade plugins. Febreze and Lysol are the same but with more VOCs.

I have severe sensitivity to fragrance and cannot tolerate synthetic fragrances, incense, or essential oils. Simply being near people who use artificial deodorant, shampoo, laundry detergent, dryer sheets or any other mainstream product that leaves them covered in synthetic fragrance is very uncomfortable. Essential oils are less problematic.

With essential oils, many of the chemicals present (such as linalool and d-limonene) break down as they oxidize after diffusion, and the oxidation products have different health effects than the original chemical, such as allergy sensitization and irritation.

My mother-in-law visited for two months, and left one of the rooms in my house saturated with Young Living essential oils from a diffuser. Six months later, I still can't go in there.

Same—I can’t tolerate most artificial fragrances, as they make my sinuses block up and irritate my eyes & skin. Sadly they’re everywhere—between perfumes, deodorants, lotions, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, air fresheners, odour removers, shampoos, body washes, hand soaps, household cleaners, &c., a lot of people and their homes are just covered in them.

I’ve been trying to figure out the specific compounds that give me trouble and why, but there are many, and for a lot of these products, it seems like the ingredients are rarely published in full—or they use obscured chemical names—I guess because companies have some right to maintain their “secret sauce”.

I’m not chemophobic in the slightest, but I have to wonder if this wild mix of VOCs is affecting people in ways that they just don’t notice because they don’t have any allergy or irritation—such as endocrine disruption. And it will be hard to pinpoint if they do cause health problems because there are so many different compounds and they’re so common and assumed safe.

Well it's already known that even natural extracts like lavender oil are estrogen amplifiers. And the thermal receipt paper used for years, contained BPA, also an endocrine disruptor. There are tons of chemicals that we use willy nilly without any knowledge on their real and complex outcomes on life. I'd mostly prefer natural but its somewhat specious because having artificial additives means usually the whole mixture will have 10 or 15 chemicals instead of the 103485 in a plant extract. But I'd trust mother nature's 100000000000 years and human civilizations' many years of trials over an Ames test.


Great! It's very rare to meet other people with this issue.

Manufacturers are allowed, as I'm sure you know, to list all scent component ingredients glommed together as 'fragrance'. This is supposedly because they're proprietary - they wouldn't someone to make an exact knock-off of a new perfume too easily, right? It also has the effect of making the health aspects of the formulations very difficult to analyze. It's a lot like a properietary black box in computing... EWG judges 'fragrance' as its own separate ingredient, giving it a (bad) rating of 8/10.

I have noticed 5-6 different main scent 'flavors' on all the disgusting consumer products out there, which probably correspond to specific chemicals. There's the one like fake grapes, the one that's spicy and powdery, the one I call old lady underwear, the fake fruit, the 'manly' scents, and more.

Johnson Wax (SC Johnson?) actually lists the full fragrance ingredients to products like Windex in their site - I was amazed.

I agree that these products highly likely cause widespread harm of different types, including to people who do not perceive a problem.

Try running an ozone generator in there. It will break down the compounds much more quickly. The ozone itself breaks down pretty quickly, but don't run it when people or pets are in the house.

> school is supposed to instruct kids in the truthful ways of life?

If only that was true...

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