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> The debt is already so large that this barely affects the momentum.

The idea that a 66% increase in the deficit "barely affects the momentum" is absurd reflects either your ignorance or your bad faith. Apply that logic to your personal spending and see how long it takes before you're bankrupt.

A 66% increase in the monthly deficit, in this case, amounts to about a 0.4% increase in national debt, by my back of the napkin math. I agree that it’s a dumb move, but I don’t think GP was wrong to say that it barely affects the momentum.

You’re free to disagree, but it will help the discussion if you can find a way to do so without the ad hominems.

You understand that deficits are cumulative, right?

Yyyyeeesss... that’s rather my point, that we’ve accumulated so much debt at this point that this doesn’t really move the needle as much as it sounds like when you ignore that accumulation and look only at a single month.

Again, I’m not arguing that it’s a good idea. It is irresponsible, for sure. But the scale of it is akin to somebody with $10k in credit card debt opting to go out for dinner once.

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